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Pub crawl through Brooklyn's hottest bars and clubs


Crawl brooklyn with us FOR a wild NIGHT OUT IN nyc!

Join us for a pub crawl through New York's most fashionable and young neighborhoods. We'll bar hop through hand picked bars and clubs, meeting new people, skipping the line, and enjoying exclusive drink specials all guided by fantastic local hosts.

Experience NYC like a local and crawl Brooklyn with us!  . 



Your Hosts


SARAH (right) - Founder and Host

    Classical singer and whiskey enthusiast, Sarah loves pub crawling with new friends from around the city and world. A proud New Yorker, she insists that all visitors get a taste of the real New York, and loves creating the perfect night out for everyone joining Crawl Brooklyn. She can always give enthusiastic recommendations on the best music, theater and Chinese food in town!  

KATIE (center) - Host 

    Fiction writer extraordinaire, Katie is a lifelong New Yorker who has explored all pockets of the city's nightlife. One of the friendliest people you will ever meet, her perfect night ends in crazy dancing surrounded by friends (followed by pizza).  Williamsburg is the neighborhood that can keep up with her energy, but she also loves sitting down over a good craft beer. Ask her to tell you about the best guacamole in NYC.


    Bustling back and forth between NYC and DC, Elizabeth is a quick talking east coaster (and if you give her wine she'll talk and drink even quicker!). Known far and wide for her sense of humor and stellar dance moves, she is a blast of a host. Ask her about the best dog spotting locations in town! 


Frequently asked questions

What is a pub crawl?

Our pub crawls are a combination of a party and a bar tour. After checking in at our start time, you'll grab a drink and meet the group for the evening. We then move as a group from venue to venue on a route that has been carefully crafted in advance . Every unique spot we visit offers the crawl exclusive drink specials and/or free entry. You'll meet new people, explore a new nightlife scene, enjoy some great drinks and party hard, all with our great hosts leading the way. 

How long do the crawls last?

The Williamsburg crawl begins at 8:30pm and lasts for approximately three hours until we arrive at our final venue. From there it's up to you how late you want to stay out, but we doubt you'll want to rush home after coming out with everyone at Crawl Brooklyn!

What do I wear?

This is Brooklyn; casual cool is the name of the game. Wear something that makes you feel great.

Can you tell me where we're going?

We keep our bars and clubs a secret until you're on the crawl so that we can bring you to the best places. After purchasing your ticket you will receive the address of our first bar. Each venue offers something a bit different as we aim to please all kinds of party people. 

How do we get from Place to place?

Our crawls are walking only. Don't worry! The venues are no more than 5 min from one to the other and it gives us a great chance to talk and explore this exciting neighborhood. 

I'm on my own, is that okay?

Yes! Pub crawls are perfect for going out solo as you'll join our big group and meet all sorts of people.

My Large group wants to join a crawl, is that okay?

Yes! The more the merrier! Our crawls are a great way to celebrate an occasion or just mix up your usual social groove. Pub crawls have the added advantage of taking the responsibility off any one friend and having our hosts deal with the logistics of going out with a large group so that you can relax and enjoy.     


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